Our Process

We center people within the communities and bring land based users, community members together into a design lab to design the home that best serves their community. Our team then assess and attempts to create a home based off the specific needs indicated.


Community Driven Design Lab


Design Drafts created by a team of experts


Seek out and Secure Partners


We Build

We strive to raise awareness about housing conditions and pressures governments to live up to their Treaty, moral, and legal responsibilities, in addition to providing homes. We are starting a pilot project with the goal of creating a small sustainable village. Sustainable forms of energy such as solar and wind are extremely expensive to access and install especially in non-urban settings. An associated think tank would connect current partners with experts who have the technology and skills to produce small sustainable communities.

In a vicious cycle of planned obsolescence, plastic structures almost automatically required immediate repairs, and frequently demanded replacements. We strive to remedy these problems.

If you would like to know more, please reach out to us.