One House Many Nations

Building Community Driven Homes While Fostering the Alternatives

About Us

One House Many Nations emerged in the wake of Idle No More. We identified the reality that our people need homes. We are made up of a diverse and interdisciplinary team of scholars, architects, engineers, tradespeople, creatives, land based users, knowledge keepers, and community members.

Indigenous Sovereignty

Our values


Indigenous Autonomy

We recognize indigenous peoples have autonomy and a right to exist on their homelands and territories as nation. We also acknowledge also acknowledge the body autonomy of indigenous peoples and recognize homes are community driven process to keep our bodies and families safe.


Indigenous Sovereignty

We recognize indigenous peoples have rights to their own political and economic sovereignty in terms of their nations, bodies, and lands.


Land Presence

Land has agency and informs our process and creations. We acknowledge the varying geopolitical and environmental regions of the people and nations we work with.


Peoples Based

We are a peoples based approach that centres all our grassroots peoples especially those who are women and LGBQT.

Poor housing and infrastructure in Native communities in Canada are because of Canada’s ongoing colonialism enforced through the Indian Act, besides other tools of colonialism. There are initiatives to decolonize this Native land. This video presents how Nutana Collegiate has worked with Big River First Nation youth to build houses in the community. This is an initiative under the One House Many Nations to make shifts by ending homelessness in Native reserves in Canada. We present how this house-building program has empowered local youth and motivated them to build houses for their community.

This video is a talk given by Dr. Alex Wilson, Professor & Director of Aboriginal Education Research Centre, University of Saskatchewan. The talk program ‘One House Many Nations: Hacking Colonial Systems of Dominance’ was held at the University of Manitoba on March 29, 2018 and was organized by Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources, University of Manitoba. In this talk, Dr. Wilson is sharing how One House Many Nations (OHMN), an Idle No More campaign has been raising awareness about, and providing solutions to, the housing crisis for Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Design Lab Sketch
Our Process

OHMN operates through a specific community driven approach, our designs come directly from the grassroots.


Community Driven Design Lab


Design Drafts created by a team of experts based off design lab


Seek out and Secure Partners and materials


We Build, Grow and Learn


Regaining Physical Space, taking action & transforming lives.

“We foster ideas and involvement. The project goes beyond simply design, it also highlights the current issues around housing crisis and ongoing colonialism. Not only do we build community driven structures, designs and homes, we are actively navigating ways to bypass the barriers and blocks that limit our comfort, freedom and autonomy. ” -OHMN Team Member


Our Partners

“Seeing the ripple effects of OHMN, it’s like a prayer and it’s beautiful to see.”

—Sylvia Mcadam

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